Eagle Consulting Services provides quality Investigative Services in the areas of Domestic Investigations, Undercover Investigations, and Insurance Fraud Investigations.

Domestic Investigations

Are you in the process of divorce and need information pertaining to the well being of children or property? Is a loved one missing and you don’t know where to look? Are you traveling out of state or country and just want to know that your family is safe? Our investigative staff is professional, efficient, and discreet. We currently offer the following services for domestic situations:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Background Investigations including Public Records Searches
  3. Missing Person Investigations (Skip Trace)
  4. Infidelity Investigations
  5. Witness Canvases
  6. Process & Notary Service

Undercover Investigations

If you suspect fraud, theft, or any illegal activity in your workplace, Eagle Consulting Services investigators are highly skilled and trained in covert operations and have the capability to secure the information you are looking for without anyone else knowing their true identity or purpose.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Eagle Consulting Services also offers quality investigative services in the area of insurance fraud. Such services include:

  1. Workers’ Compensation Claims
  2. Disability Claims
  3. Automobile Accident Claims
  4. Accident Scene Investigations
  5. Liability Claims
  6. Recorded Interviews
  7. Witness Canvases
  8. False Death Claims
  9. Alive & Well Checks
  10. RMV Reports
  11. Public Records Searches
  12. Expert Witness Testimony

No matter what your investigative needs are, Eagle Consulting Services can accommodate you with a product that is above and beyond your expectations. Please contact us for a free consultation or you may simply e-mail or fax us an assignment. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

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