Robert M., Business Owner, Cumberland, RI

"I found Eagle Consulting Services on the NRA web site when searching for an instructor to teach me how to safely use a handgun. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick reply to my inquiry, and the subsequent follow up communications were professional and timely. The staff went out of their way to schedule the training I wanted and accommodate my schedule. When I have a choice, I seek out veteran owned and operated businesses because they are far and away more professional and responsive than the average company. Eagle Consulting’s service and professionalism did not disappoint."

Jeremy M., Commercial Business Owner, Quincy, Massachusetts

"I am a customer of Eagle Consulting Services. I was very pleased with my instructor as well as the service, training, and information he provided. Eagle was very helpful in communicating to figure what class times would work best for me and my busy schedule. I would recommend Eagle Consulting Services to anyone looking for firearms training."

Anonymous graduate student living in Boston

"I took Eagle Consulting Services’ firearms safety course in order to learn how to safely use a hand-gun. I don't necessarily plan to purchase one, but with all of the media around shooting and firearm use, in the movies and on TV for example, I thought it prudent to know how to be responsible with one and to gain a sort of reality check. Given that my ultimate motivations were probably different from the regular user, I was very pleased with the instructor’s understanding and professionalism. Further, I was encouraged by his seriousness of the subject and how that helped change my (media-driven flippant) view of firearms. In the class, safely owning and handling a firearm was entirely driven by respecting and understanding of its force and therefore learning to use it safely--I will not forget what I learned. Thank you!"

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